Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
  • Paint Spray Booth Fire Suppression Systems
  • Dip Tank Fire Suppression Systems
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Systems
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
  • Curing Oven Systems

Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires in the duct, plenum, and/or appliances located under the kitchen hood. Some of the most common manufactures are Ansul, Pyro-chem, Range Guard, and Kidde.

Paint booth fire suppression systems detect and extinguish fire located inside the paint booth itself, in the filter bank plenum space and/or the exhaust duct system.

Dip tank fire suppression systems provide detection and suppression for open dip tanks used in the manufacturing, coating, and painting processes.

Flammable liquid storage systems provide detection and suppression for fire storage areas and rooms used to store flammable and combustible liquid.

Vehicle fire suppression systems are frequently installed on mining equipment, garbage or refuse collection trucks, large construction and excavating equipment, as well as some marine (boats and ships) applications.

Industrial ovens also know as curing ovens, quench ovens, batch ovens, or tunnel ovens, can also be protected using pre-engineered fire suppression systems.